Our oldest store is our Downtown Store on Kirkwood Street.

Fresh Meat and Seafood Downtown

Hi, all! Amy Loop at the Downtown Store would like to share the following report on our fresh meat and fish offerings.

We here at the downtown store have been experimenting over the last year or so with a fresh meats case.  Most of the products in the case are local, free-range, and sustainably raised.  They are also free of any hormones or antibiotics in their feed, and the farmers use feed that is either homemade or organic. 


Downtown Bloomingfoods Earns Backyard Wildlife Certification

Exterior of Our Original Limestone Store Provides Habitat for House Sparrows

The Downtown Bloomingfoods, in the alley off Kirkwood, has recently been certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation and the Center for Sustainable Living.

Susan Bright, manager of the Kirkwood Store, asked Lucille Bertuccio from CSL to tell us more about house sparrows and why their relationship to the store qualifies it for Backyard Wildlife Habitat certification. Here is what she told us:

A habitat is defined by the Illustrated Oxford Dictionary as the ‘natural home of an organism.’ Thus, while the environs of the downtown Bloomingfoods store do not provide a habitat for our native birds, it is most definitely a home for those species that we have, mistakenly or otherwise, brought to this country from the cities of Europe. The house sparrow is one such bird.


In the Good Old Days


Pete Kinne in action

In the course of planning this reset, we unearthed a collection of vintage photos. Amber Connor, the Kirkwood store coordinator, is looking for other photos of the co-op from its formative years, so if you have them to share, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 812-336-5300.


Vegan Cooking with Jacob Goodman

Jacob Goodman, coordinator of the Bloomingfoods Kirkwood store, spends his days interacting with customers, stocking out groceries, and pulling together the operational details of our original location. Tucked into an alley intersection, between Village Deli and Runcible Spoon just off Kirkwood, this first Bloomingfoods store attracts Indiana University customers who stroll down the block down from Sample Gates. It’s the only co-op we know of that is made of limestone (it’s a former carriage house), featuring a wide staircase and upper floor. Packed with history and delicious things to eat, the Kirkwood location offers prepared foods biked in daily from the Near West Side deli, by Chad Roeder of Bloomington Pedal Power. Calvin Wong makes fresh sushi each day in the small Kirkwood prep kitchen.

In this intimate space, conducive to conversation, Goodman invariably talks with people about food, sometimes sharing the fact that he is vegan. He has recently begun to offer vegan cooking classes, too, at Jan Bulla-Baker’s Bloomington Cooking School on the Courthouse Square. He is also available to talk with student groups, as he did recently at Eigenmann Hall.

People choose a vegan diet for a variety of reasons: most are motivated by the ethics of (not) eating animals. Unlike vegetarians, who also refrain from animal protein, vegans decline animal by-products of any kind, including dairy and eggs. They may select to not wear leather, and to adopt other cultural features of a vegan lifestyle. (Many vegans ingeniously use the visual arts, including body art, to promote their identities and values.)


The Kirkwood Sandwich Menu

ImageAs if the wonderful salad and soup bar were not enough good news, we can now announce the sandwich menu we'll soon be offering at the Downtown store. The eating is sure fine at the old flagship store in the alley.

Downtown Store Sandwiches Menu:

"The Pete Kinne" -- BBQ pulled pork, slaw, bun, pickle on the side

Vegan po boy (with fryer) -- breaded fried tofu, shredded lettuce, vegan mayo, grilled Bakehouse sesame, optional hot sauce