Our oldest store is our Downtown Store on Kirkwood Street.

Meet Heather Beery – Kirkwood Store Coordinator

If you’ve recently shopped at the Kirkwood store, in the alley at 419 East Kirkwood, you may have seen a new face behind the counter and throughout the store. Since October, Heather Beery has been serving as the store coordinator. A Bloomingfoods member since 2000, Heather was drawn to the position because of her interest in agricultural sustainability and good food.

Laura Gleason sat down with Heather at the end of the lunch rush one day and asked some questions about her new job.


Kirkwood Store News: February 2013

Feeling like your lunch time activities lack culture? Come grab a sandwich, soup, salad (or whatever floats your belly boat). Then come upstairs and check out this month's featured art by local artist Juliana Burrell. You can learn more about Juliana and see some samples of her artwork.

While the Kirkwood store is a great place to go for lunch (seriously great) we also have some breakfast offerings that are perfect for grabbing and heading on to work or class. A new product is Earnest Eats Hot & Fit hot cereal cups. "When you break one of these out you may experience a serious round of breakfast envy from co-workers, family and friends."

If you love Yerba Mate and want to get more acquainted with the traditional method of drinking it you'll be glad to know we just got more fire gourds (and straws) in stock. We also have plenty of Guayaki Yerba Mate for brewing! If you haven't tried mate give it a taste. The tea is delicious (sometimes described as reminiscent of green tea) and is traditionally consumed as part of social it's sure to get you more friends! Okay. No promises. But you'll look super cool with your gourd.

As always if you have products you'd like us to carry, ideas for how we can better serve you, want to know what the daily soups or sandwich specials us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.


Heather Beery, Store Coordinator

Right Up Your Alley at the Kirkwood Store

As the weather gets nicer and you're thinking about breakfast, lunch, or dinner, don't forget the Kirkwood store, right up the alley in all directions off Kirkwood Avenue, Dunn, 6th, and Grant, closest to the beautiful campus at IU.

This is our original store, in a converted limestone carriage house. You can eat in the spacious sunny room upstairs or under the awning on our patio. It's tulip time, thanks to our neighbors at Runcible Spoon.

Students—the Kirkwood store is a great place to get away from campus chaos, even during dead week and finals! Our upper level seating area is the perfect location to linger over a beverage or meal, relax, and study for those exams.


Kirkwood Store News

Looking for Easter candy? We have fair trade chocolate bunnies from Divine Chocolate and eggs from Equal Exchange. If you'd like something a little fruitier try YumEarth's gummy bears (equipped with bunny ears just for the occasion).

We have new items to suit your craving for quick Indian food. We now offer Punjabi Chhole (chickpeas) from Jyoti Foods, Pindi Chana from Kitchens of India, and Bombay Potatoes from Tasty Bite.

Want the cool refreshing taste of a margarita (or pina colada or strawberry daiquiri) but you're still at work? Check out these flavors of Ice Chips candy's when you're at the register. Or you could always go for something more traditional like peppermint or ginger...if you're not quite ready for a party.

If you're in the deli you'll see a familiar face, but in a new position. Patrick McGill has stepped up and is now leading the Kirkwood deli. He's still settling in, but we expect some new, creative deli offerings soon. Congratulations Patrick!

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Heather Beery