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Accepting Nominations for the 2009 Krejci Award

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2009 Bill Krejci Cooperative Service Award

Bill Krejci
The Bill Krejci Cooperative Service Award is 10 years old this year, and we are currently accepting nominations. The winner(s) of the award will be honored at the BCS annual meeting, to be held on Thursday evening, October 8th, at the Daisy Hinkle-Garton Farmstead. The Krejci Award recognizes someone from the Bloomingfoods community whose work embodies cooperative principles and values.

Former Bloomingfoods board president and finance minister Bill Krejci raised alpacas and organic popcorn, worked in the physics lab at Indiana University, and helped institute membership programs and systems at Bloomingfoods.


2009 Survey

The opinions by you on our member surveys are used by our management team and board to help with long range planning and improving day-to-day operations. The survey deadline is October 19. We appreciate your participation. Take the survey.

Member-Customer Appreciation Day (MAD-CAD) Winner, Julia Heiman

Julia Heiman
Sporting guitar-slinger eyes, Julia Heiman recently took possession of the new electric guitar she won on MAD-CAD Day. Currently Director of the Kinsey Institute, Julia is rumored to be considering a sabbatical in order to launch a nationwide tour to promote the new album she intends to record as soon as she works out the bugs in her G-minor chord riff.

Thanks once again to all the members, vendors, staff, and volunteers who make this annual event a great day to shop and so much fun.

Summary: Annual Survey 2009

We wish to thank everyone who took time to respond to our annual survey.  Our management team has a lot of analysis and discussion to do, but here are some of our preliminary, big picture observations

812 people took our survey this year.
92.7% of them were satisfied or extremely satisfied with Bloomingfoods.

57% have been shoppers for more than 5 years and 39% members for more than 5 years.
About 25% of the respondents have children living at home.
72% live in households with an annual income of more than $35k a year.

45% of our shoppers said they spend most of their grocery dollars at Bloomingfoods.

Primary Shopping Location:
56% answered East
36% answered West
8% answered DT

73% cited ‘location’ as the number one reason for this being their primary location.

More than 75% shop at least once a week.
More than 37% shop multiple times a week.

84% of the respondents believe we should champion social issues. The top three being:

  1. Support sustainable agriculture
  2. Promote recycling
  3. Address local hunger issues
Regarding our communications to members and customers, they want to know about in store specials & new items, local producers and food production practices.

The top three key issues for our members and customers are:
  1. The environment
  2. Livestock treatment
  3. Fair trade

More than 81% are supportive of changes to how our member discount days work.

Co-op Members Receive Patronage Rebates

About 14 years ago, the Bloomingfoods Board of Directors updated our bylaws to allow for patronage rebates. Patronage rebates are considered an equitable and democratic way to distribute co-op profits to the membership. If a store finishes the year with a profit, the surplus can be distributed among members proportional to their individual purchases. In this way, each member receives their portion of the profit.

In November, the Board of Directors reviewed our financial reporting for Fiscal Year 2009 and upon seeing that the co-op enjoyed financial success (during a recession), declared a patronage rebate of $46,488 for fiscal year 2009. After many years of expansion and growth for the co-op, during which any surpluses were reinvested to capitalize and strengthen the organization, we are excited to be issuing a rebate to more than 6,200 members who were active shoppers at the co-op between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.