2017 Annual Election Guide

September 6, 2017

The 2017 Election has ended. We’ll be posting results soon!

Five Board members are outgoing this year, and we’ve got 6 worthy candidates ready to step up and lead the co-op in their place. We’ve asked each candidate a series of questions ranging from their interest in serving on the board to their experiences working cooperatively to their visions for the future of Bloomingfoods. Check out their answers here. We think you’ll find them very illuminating!

The Bloomingfoods bylaws, the legal documents that provide the governance structure for the cooperative, had not had a major revision since the late 1980’s. The Board has been hard at work for 2 years in an effort to make them current, clarify jargon, and standardize the language throughout. Owner-members are being asked to ratify the revised version of the bylaws. Links to the current and proposed bylaws, as well as a simplified summary of the revisions, can be found here.

Bloomingfoods is thrilled to be continuing our wildly successful Positive Change program, a community-driven fundraising campaign that offers shoppers the opportunity to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar, or donate more if they wish. Since its roll-out in January 2016, shoppers have raised over $100,000 for local organizations. We’ve compiled a ballot of 18 fantastic food-related community organizations that we proudly vouch for. Owner-members will be asked to vote for 6 recipient organizations whom they’d like to see on the roster for next year.

Owner-members can vote starting October 1 and ending October 20 in-store with a paper ballot or online. Voting will also take place at our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 4 at 5:30pm at Ivy Tech, Shreve Hall. We encourage you to come enjoy an evening with us! Jacqueline Hannah, Co-op Development Specialist, will be our Keynote speaker, we’ll have house-made small plates and a kombucha station. Our 2018 Positive Change recipient candidates will be there for you to meet and greet, and your Board candidates will also be present and ready to connect with you!

Why is it important to vote? Bloomingfoods is democratically run and we need your voice to help guide us. Your vote for the Board of Directors helps us assure policies and plans that meet the owner-membership’s needs. Your vote to ratify the bylaw revisions helps us stay relevant and ensures that our documents change with us. And finally, your vote for Positive Change recipients helps us support local organizations who extend our mission and values throughout the entire community.