A Tale of Two Comments: A request from GM, Tony Alongi

December 28, 2016

We get a lot of comments about our business.  We love getting comments – we really do; it’s what makes us a co-op.  But not all comments are the same.  Consider these two very different comments both received within the last few weeks:
The first comment was very general, about three lines long and complained that our “center of store staff were unfriendly.”  The second comment was several paragraphs long.  The member in question had a specific issue with one of our staff, who she named, and gave very specific examples.  The comment also singled out another one of our staff (also by name) who stepped in to solve this person’s issues.  There was a lot of specific detail in the comment including times that the incidents happened.
There is almost nothing that we can do with the first comment as it is far too general.  I do not believe, for a minute that our entire center of store staff is unfriendly – although I am aware that some are friendlier than others.  The second comment, however, allows us to take very specific actions to both change and reinforce behavior with specific individuals.  It was one of the most useful comments that we have received in the recent past.
So what is the point?  Please, please when writing to us with comments – both good and bad – include as much detail as you possibly can.  Names of the staff members involved, which store and times of day are all important pieces of information that we need in order to take any action on your comment.  We understand that this can be uncomfortable at times, but, we assume that you are writing the comment because you feel that we (a) need to know something that you find important and (b) you want us to take some kind of action on the comment.  Please help us out by giving us as much detail as you possibly can.