What is the BCCF? 

The Bloomington Cooperative Community Fund is an endowment project made up of individual endowments of more than 40 food co-ops around the country. Bloomingfoods is one of those food coops. The endowments are part of the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, a cooperative investment fund run out of Davis, California by David Thompson.

How Does It Work? 

Funds raised for the BCCF are integrated into the overall Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation and become the permanent funding of the TPCF. TPCF invests the principle in cooperative projects all across the United States. In exchange for participation, Bloomingfoods receives annual investment income from the TPCF. As a result, Bloomingfoods has decided to give an annual gift of $1000 to a non-profit of our choosing. The recipient organization will be decided upon by a Board-advised committee. The BCCF committee consists of three owner-members and two staff members, and one board member will serve in an advisory capacity. Each year’s recipient organization will be announced at the Bloomingfoods Annual Meeting which typically takes place in October. For the inaugural year, the recipient organization will be announced in January of 2018.

Who Can Apply? 

Qualified organizations are registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations located in Monroe County whose focus is on making healthy food accessible to people in our community.

How Do We Raise Funds? 

At present, the primary way we can increase the contribution to the BCCF endowment is through our Positive Change program. The Positive Change program is a community-driven fundraising campaign that offers shoppers the opportunity to round their purchase to the nearest dollar, or donate more if they wish. The more money we raise to put into the fund, the greater the investment income returned to us to give to community organizations.

BCCF Application

Applications for the 2018 gift will be accepted from October 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017. The winning recipient will be announced in mid-January 2018.

You can download a PDF of the application here and drop it off in-store or email it to natascha@bloomingfoods.coop. OR you can fill out our online version here!