2019 Election Results

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The results are in!

We had an amazing turnout this year. Thank you to all of our owner-members who took the time to make their voices heard! Below are the results:

Board of Directors

Congratulations to our newly-elected board members:

Bobbi Boos (term ends 2022)
Corbin Baird (term ends 2022)
Guthrie Taylor (staff director - term ends 2022)
Nancy Mathews (term ends 2021)
Michelle Robison (term ends 2021)

Positive Change

Organizations were placed in months based on total vote count and respective sales totals for each month. In other words, the organizations that received the highest number of votes were placed in months with the highest forecasted sales.

Here’s the Positive Change roster for 2020:

January - Indiana Forest Alliance
February - Area 10 Agency on Aging
March - Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
April - Interfaith Winter Shelter
May - Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County
June - Bloomington Meals on Wheels
July - Bloomington Community Orchard
August - Sycamore Land Trust
September - Hoosier Hills Food Bank
October - Shalom Community Center
November - Bloomingfoods Cooperative Community Fund
December - Community Kitchen of Monroe County

Double the Positive Change

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The success of our Positive Change program has been noticed by an anonymous donor in the community, and thanks to that anonymous donor, every dollar raised in the first week of September will be 100% matched, up to $10,000!!

This is an incredible opportunity to raise huge for Bloomington Meals on Wheels from September 1-7! We are consistently blown away by the generosity of our community members. THANK YOU to our shoppers and staff for continuing to help us give back in such a big way.

Welcome to the new Bloomingfoods website!

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We truly hope you love it.

This page will serve as your destination for all the latest news and information from our Board of Directors, GM Team, staff, and owner-members.

Are you passionate about or an expert in a topic that is relevant to the co-op? Consider writing a blog article about it! If you’re interested in contributing content for the co-op, please email info@bloomingfoods.coop. We’d love to hear your perspective and expertise!

August 2019 Board Update


A big thank you to all who came out to our East side farmers’ market this past Saturday. I have been reflecting on the shared history of the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market and Bloomingfoods. The Farmers’ Market opened in July 1975, just a year before Bloomingfoods opened its first store down the alley off Kirkwood, and featured many of the same movers and shakers who were making things happen in the local food scene. The Farmers’ Market and Bloomingfoods are both centered around the buying and selling of food and they both also stand for much more. Some of the larger goals are captured in Bloomingfoods’ ends statement – providing a market for local products, building a sustainable local food economy, and educating about the interconnectedness of food, health, and the environment. There are also less tangible benefits provided by both institutions that I struggle to put into words. Both provide a place for people to gather, to share ideas, to strengthen relationships, and to celebrate life in community.

More and more I see the value in simply providing a place for human interactions. The Internet now allows us to order almost anything we need and have it delivered to our doorstep without ever talking to another human being. It is powerful technology and yet ultimately we all require human touch, human smiles, and the chance to interact face to-face with our community members.

I believe that has been the hardest part about the suspension of the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market for many of us. I am hopeful that our community will find a long-term solution to allow the return of a market that provides a place to buy and sell local food but also a place where people come together to talk, to laugh, to touch, to celebrate and yes, even to debate, to protest, and to disagree. It needs to be a place where we can all feel safe and welcome and respected. It is a hard thing to do but in this day and age we need to make an extra effort. I am proud of the role that Bloomingfoods has been able to play in meeting that need through the presence of our existing stores and through supporting a temporary alternative farmers’ market venue. I am grateful for everyone who chipped in to make the alternative market happen and for all the community members who were enthusiastic and patient with the inevitable hiccups. It takes a huge amount of work to organize a market and Bloomington has enjoyed one of the best farmers’ markets in the country for many years. I look forward to Bloomingfoods and the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market providing gathering places for our community to grow and thrive for another 40 years.

Maggie Sullivan
Board President