Bloomingfoods 2U Temporarily Suspended

Thank you for being a loyal Co-op supporter and Bloomingfoods 2U customer.

Bloomingfoods was recently notified that Shelf Scouter, the platform on which the Bloomingfoods 2U online shopping & delivery service is built, has been acquired by another company and will no longer service our market. The Co-op has made the decision to temporarily suspend the Bloomingfoods 2U program.

We have identified a new online shopping provider that we are very excited to begin working with and we plan to re-launch Bloomingfoods 2U online shopping & delivery service in mid-August. Throughout the spring and the summer months we will be putting our efforts into building an enhanced online shopping experience with a more comprehensive product selection and additional order features to better serve you.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and look for updates about Bloomingfoods 2U on our website this summer!

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