Board Reveals Proposed Bylaws

May 11, 2017

Over the past two years, our board has been working diligently to update the legal documents that provide the governance structure for Bloomington Cooperative Services, Inc.  With the support of your vote, we changed the bylaws to increase the number of directors from seven to nine and to welcome up to two employee owner-members as directors.  In addition, we simplified the Articles of Incorporation.

We have now finished the rewrite of the bylaws, and are ready to share the proposed version with our owner-members! The current bylaws have not seen any major revision since the late 1980’s and it is time.  The board has spent more than a year standardizing language, clarifying jargon, and bringing our bylaws up to date. This fall we will ask owner-members to ratify this fully revised version of the bylaws including one other specific bylaw change that addresses member voting and the challenges of reaching 12,000 owner-members. 

Please click here for a copy of the proposed bylaws, and here for a simplified summary of the revisions. The current bylaws can be found here

Board president Caroline Beebe can be reached via email at She is eager to engage with the owner-membership regarding the bylaws and will also be available for questions and comments from 5-6pm in the Patio Room at the East Store on the following days: 

Thursday, May 25th
Thursday, June 29th
Thursday, July 27th
Thursday, August 31st
Thursday, September 28th