Sweet Tradition

“Our methods are still the same,” – Tracy Hunter Walking through the honey house brings back a flood of memories for Tracy Hunter. He recalls just learning to walk and going through his grandfather’s honey house just as he was cutting honeycomb. All it takes Read More »

The Good Life

For Darin Kelly, Good Life Farms is a dream realized from years of having his hands in the dirt. From the time he was five years old, Darin has always loved growing things. One of his earliest memories of gardening is planting maple keys and Read More »

From the Ashes

“The bakery was a total inferno at that point.” –Eric Schedler March 21, 2014 was much like any other Thursday for Muddy Fork Bakery’s Eric Schedler and his family. Eric fired his hearth oven that morning, his daughter, Leda, had a playdate with a friend, Read More »

Close to the Land, Rooted in Tradition

The Rhodes family sits for a meal as the sun rises over the hills of their Newberry farm. It’s still dark as the breakfast of eggs, sausage, and milk is passed around the table. Before they eat, they take a moment to reflect as Luke Read More »

Roaster Profile: Chris Weber

What most people I’ve met don’t realize is that there is a growing and vibrant community of coffee professionals who have dedicated their careers to the advancement of specialty coffee from bean to cup. Over the last decade I’ve learned a great deal from reading Read More »

A Visit to This Old Farm

Everyone wants to believe that the meat they purchase comes from animals treated with respect on small family farms, but when you’re shopping the meat department at a conventional grocery store, you have little connection to the suppliers of the commodity meat products being sold. Read More »

A Life of Spice

Susan Welsand looks for ripe peppers July 18 in one of her pepper beds outside her Bloomington home. She was gathering her harvest for the next day’s Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market where she is a stalwart vendor. A Life of Spice The smells coming out Read More »

King of Cantaloupe

King of Cantaloupe Eighty-one years ago, Bud Smith was asleep in a bushel basket at the Indianapolis Farmers’ Market. When he woke up, his father, who was there selling the family’s cantaloupes, gave him a dollar that a customer had left for him. “I guess Read More »

Summer Sweetness

Summer Sweetness Dan McCullough hasn’t always been a farmer, but he’s glad he is. He spent a big part of his formative years on his grandparents’ livestock farm where he was driving tractors and helping out by the age of eight. When he reached college Read More »

Whole Healthcare

Whole Healthcare After a moment of silence, listening to the world around her, Susan Clearwater pushes her shovel into the earth to dig up a burdock plant. Working in the open of her rural botanical sanctuary in the hills of Brown County, Susan takes the Read More »