Beyond the Cart

Beyond the Cart When Samuel Sveen goes to work, he is hard to miss. Riding through downtown and turning up in local stores, he serves up coffee from his big, bright yellow pedal cart. Sveen’s cart is the face of his Uel Zing coffee business Read More »

Sugaring Season

Nic Reisenbichler scales the side of a snowy hill with a power drill in one hand, while he keeps balance with the other. He and his work partner, Kenny Justice, cautiously move from maple tree to maple tree working from the top of the steep Read More »

New Millenium at Musgrave

There is no run of the mill day for the Hamiltons. Andy Hamilton and his wife Amy work late nights and early mornings raising three children and operating the decades-old Musgrave Orchard, which they purchased 10 years ago just before it ceased production altogether. Since Read More »