Co-ops Grow Communities: Celebrating Co-op Month

Co-ops around the world share a set of guiding principles with Bloomingfoods, including “cooperation among cooperatives,” and “concern for community.” When you purchase delicious, healthy food at the co-op, you’re supporting a business that cares about people and contributes to a livable, sustainable community. And Read More »

What is a Co-op?

We all have childhood memories of parents, teachers and others encouraging us to work together. A co-op is what “working together” looks like all grown up. From the outside, many co-ops look like any other business, since a co-op provides products and services like conventional Read More »

Four Common Questions about the GMO Labeling Law

People have long called for foods which have been produced using genetic engineering to be labeled, so that they can have the information they need to decide for themselves whether or not to purchase foods that may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). On July 14, Read More »

Michael Pollan: Three Simple Rules for Eating

By: Eve Adamson Is Michael Pollan America’s sweetheart? People love to talk about his pithy pronouncements on how we should eat. At least where I live, he’s the subject of many a conversation at parties, in bars, in restaurants, in book groups. People mention him with Read More »

Explore the World of Food and Food Issues

Explore these resources to learn more about food production, food choices, and the connections between food, health, and the planet. Websites Carbon Underground Center for Food Safety Civil Eats Eat Wild Fair Trade Federation  Fair Trade USA Food Policy Action Food Tank Just Label It Read More »

Bins of Beans and Why My Co-op Matters to Me

My mother didn’t know what a co-op was, and I grew up on processed food and the limited number of fruits and vegetables almost everybody ate: iceberg lettuce, trimmed carrots, bagged celery and potatoes, and tomatoes from far away. It’s what she knew. She didn’t Read More »