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Each month, we introduce you to a different local producer.

This month, meet stir coffee, bringing you delicious cold brew coffee made right here in bloomington, indiana. stop into our stores during one of their demos to say hi and try a free sample, and enjoy 20% off their entire line of products all september long !


What inspired you to create the Stir Coffee brand? Tell us your story: when you were founded, where you began, why you started doing what you're doing, and how you ended up where you are now?

We love great coffee. So do most other people. That makes coffee the perfect product. Our business originally launched in 2015 as a mobile coffee van right here in Bloomington, Indiana. It was when we began working with local roaster, Quarrymen Coffee, that we started selling cold brew coffee from our van. From that point we quickly realized it was more popular than our hot coffee options and we too fell in love with the ultra-smooth and way less acidic nature of cold brew.

Since then, we have shed the "mobile" aspect (coffee van) and evolved into a cold brew coffee bottling company in early 2017 and haven't looked back. We as a business decided that creating a bottled coffee product that our consumers could easily find in many local stores right here in Bloomington was the best way to share our craft. With our van we could only be at one place at a time. With our products the opportunities are endless and our coffee is much more accessible to many more people in a purchasable ready-to-drink bottle. And now our bottled cold brew products can be found throughout all of Indiana and select stores in Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee!

Tell us about your products. What do you create, and how is it produced?

We create super fresh, ultra-smooth, and very delicious ready-to-drink cold brew coffee and put it in a bottle for you for utmost convenience. We believe we have created an outstanding cold brew blend with our local roaster with optimal water-to-coffee ratios for our ready-to-drink formula. Our best-selling Classic cold brew (no flavoring, no sweetener) comes in both 12 oz. and 32 oz. bottles. We also offer two flavored varieties with our Caramel and Hazelnut cold brew that come in 12 oz. bottles; two coffee mainstays for those who desire a little something extra in their coffee. And of course we can't forget the ever popular Pumpkin Pie seasonal flavor that we release every fall for select months of the year. Our cold brew is produced locally in Bloomington with the same perfected water-to-coffee ratios every single time, slow steeped overnight at a controlled, cool temperature, and bottled the very next day. We liken cold brew coffee to iced tea, but for coffee lovers.

In what ways are your personal values reflected in the products you create?

On a personal level, we really care about health and what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Therefore, we also care what our consumers are putting into theirs. We only use premium, great-tasting filtered water and fresh roasted coffee to make our cold brew. Nothing more! For our flavored varieties we simply add a tiny bit of commercially produced pure cane sugar syrups that provide very true-to-taste flavors with no harmful chemicals or additives. Our cold brew is a way healthier and much lower calorie alternative to energy drinks and soda for consumers looking for a daily caffeine fix.

Does Stir Coffee have any upcoming plans, events, new products to unveil, or announcements to share?

We have a very exciting announcement and being the Local Focus Vendor for Bloomingfoods this September is the perfect time to unveil our newest product! Please welcome Stir Coffee's newest product, Lightly Sweetened! We take our best-selling Classic cold brew coffee and lightly sweeten it with simple syrup for a perfect hint of sweetness, no flavoring. This product has been highly demanded by our consumers and we are excited to share this product with everyone. We are also looking into potentially re-branding in the future. Lightly Sweetened isn't just a new product, it boasts a potential brand new logo and a completely redesigned label that really stands out! We worked hard on this with a talented group of Indiana University students last spring semester. We would love to hear feedback!

We'd love to hear about your experience vending with the co-op! What's your perspective on why selling at Bloomingfoods is beneficial to Stir Coffee and the local community?

Bloomingfoods was the very first vendor to welcome our cold brew coffee products to shelves and we couldn't be happier with the relationship we have built with Bloomingfoods and its staff and community! Not long after launch in 2017, we were the Local Focus Vendor back in June of 2017 and are absolutely ecstatic to be chosen again as the Local Focus Vendor for September of 2019!

As two guys from Bloomington, Indiana we know our community well and understand the importance of having local support for our business. Bloomingfoods has been an integral part of our growth and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Bloomingfoods for many years to come. Selling at Bloomingfoods has been very beneficial because it attracts shoppers from all over our community due to three big and very different locations demographically (West/Downtown, East, and Ivy Tech). Being local ourselves also presents us a great opportunity to continuously be very hands-on with Bloomingfoods allowing us to keep a close relationship and our local roots to Bloomington.

Anything else you'd like co-op shoppers to know about your product line/life/business?

Not really, we're just two local guys who love great coffee and our community. Even though we have expanded outside of Bloomington and even outside of Indiana with our distributor located in Indianapolis; we will never forget where we are from and where our business originated. Thank you everyone for the support by enjoying our cold brew and we look forward to continue "causing a Stir" with you all!

- Stir Coffee Owners: Alex and Chaz