Local Focus: Face Plant Skincare

July 5, 2017

Lesley Davis

Face Plant Skincare

I came to Bloomington for graduate school in 1995 and have been a devoted Bloomingfoods customer for over 20 years. Four years ago, I stopped just reading skincare labels and started working on plant-based, human-safe, skincare recipes that would then become Face Plant Skincare. Bloomingfoods is the only retail outlet where Face Plant products are currently sold, and selling here has put Face Plant “on the map” in Bloomington with an ideal demographic–people old and young who care about what they put into their bodies and on their bodies. I’ve received incredibly helpful feedback from Bloomingfoods staff as well as customers, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have the Bloomingfoods community as my research & development lab! Want a new product to meet your needs? Let me know!