April 30, 2019

Dreamer’s Delight MeSorrel Jamaican Tea
Michael Edwards – Bloomington, IN

MeSorrel Jamaican Tea is an all-natural extract with a rich concentration of hibiscus, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and rosemary. Founder Michael Edwards creates MeSorrel in hopes of promoting a healthy lifestyle, changing the world one sip at a time. Enjoy our interview with Michael below!

What inspired you to create the MeSorrel brand? Can you tell us your story, where you began, and how you ended up where you are now? 

After many years of making my beverage and giving it away, friends kept asking me to bottle and sell it. My excuse was, it’s never been done before, I do not have a recipe and I do not have a label. I met a lady who liked my beverage and she said she would make the label and I should come up with a recipe. With that in mind, thejourney began and now we have the finished product on the local shelves. 

Do you have any plans for the future? Where are you headed from here? 

MeSorrel Jamaican Tea will be on the menu in local restaurants, bars, and supermarkets and on the grocery shelves nationwide. 

Can you talk for a moment about your interest in locally-produced, healthful products? 

Locally-produced products gives our community the opportunity to support local businesses and increases the visibility of all natural products on the shelves of supermarkets. 

Why is it important to sell your products at Bloomingfoods? Can you tell us about your relationship with the co-op? 

Bloomingfoods has customers that are watchful about their consumption of quality foods and my product is a suitable choice to stay healthy.

Anything else you’d like co-op shoppers to know about your product line/life/business? 

MeSorrel Jamaican Tea is an all-natural product. No artificial ingredients or preservatives, no salt, low sugar, and no artificial coloring. Shelf life at room tempoerature is one year plus and it can be served hot, cold, or at room temperature. It can be used as a mixer for cocktails, mocktails, and in baking, cooking, and salad dressings. “It’s not a wine, it’s not a juice, it’s an extract.”