What it means to OWN the co-op!

Become an Owner-Member

By joining the co-op, you are helping to build a strong local business that has demonstrated a firm commitment to our community since 1976. Pick up a membership application from a cashier the next time you are in one of our stores. The current cost of membership is a one-time fee of $90, payable in full or by means of a payment plan ($7.50 a month or $22.50 per quarter). This enables you to purchase a Capital Certificate in Bloomington Cooperative Services, receiving the benefits of owner-membership. If you have questions, please contact Member Services.

Benefits of Co-op Owner-Membership

Co-op owner-membership helps build an ethical and honest community-owned business that is responsive to the needs of its customers and community. Bloomingfoods strives to operate with your interests at heart by building community, supporting local, organic, and natural foods, and educating the public about the value of the cooperative business model. Join us in creating a uniquely friendly place to shop, eat, and celebrate the power of cooperation!

What are the benefits of becoming an owner-member of the co-op?

  • The awesome feeling you get by supporting a democratically run business that keeps your dollars local!
  • 5% off on an additional shopping trip of your choice every month.
  • Exclusive everyday low pricing on select items throughout the store for owner-members only!
  • Quarterly Owner-Member Appreciation Day events.
  • 10% case discount on pre-orders.
  • Notary services at each store location.
  • Owner-members are eligible to vote in board elections and may run for the board of directors or serve on a co-op advisory committee.
  • Owner-members stay informed of co-op and community happenings with our monthly electronic newsletter, Owner News.  Sign up here.
  • In profitable years, our board of directors can choose to issue a refund check to owner-members. Our patronage rebate system returns a portion of profits to each owner-member based on their total purchases in the stores.

The role of a Bloomingfoods owner-member is different from that of a member of a discount buying club, neighborhood association, or other group. Becoming a Bloomingfoods owner-member grants you the opportunity to participate in democratic ownership of an organization dedicated to operating profitably, not as an end but rather as a means through which to contribute to the health and vitality of our community.

Owner-Member Rights

  • Attend board meetings (except for executive sessions). Click here for upcoming meeting dates.
  • Run for the board of directors.
  • Vote in the annual board of directors election — one membership, one vote.
  • Vote on questions put before the owner-membership by the board of directors.
  • Vote for changes in bylaws as needed to keep the co-op current with the law. The board of directors is responsible for periodically reviewing bylaws.
  • Require the co-op to follow its bylaws.

Be an active Owner-Member

  • Patronize the co-op — give your business to YOUR business.
  • Stay informed about what is happening at the co-op — read newsletters, mailings, updates on our website & social media.
  • Capitalize the co-op — purchase your full equity within a year.
  • Vote in elections, respond to surveys, & attend the Annual Meeting in October.
  • Understand co-op principles and objectives — learn about cooperatives.
  • Understand that the co-op is a business and must meet the needs of a business.
  • Promote the co-op to others — tell your friends and neighbors about us.