King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour

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In association with ADM Milling Company, King Arthur Flour, Inc., announced today a voluntary national recall of specific lots of its Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (5 lb. & 25 lb.) They are taking this voluntary precautionary step because of the potential presence of E. coli 026 which was discovered through sampling. King Arthur Flour has not received any confirmed reports of illnesses related to this product.

This flour was milled at an ADM Milling facility in Buffalo, NY, and was distributed by King Arthur Flour through retailers and distributors nationwide, and sold through our website, catalogue, and store in Norwich, VT.

The only product affected by this voluntary recall is our Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (5 lb. & 25 lb.) from the Best Used by Dates and Lot Codes listed below. At this time, none of the product matching these Lot Codes has been located at Bloomingfoods. If you have purchased an item from the co-op with a matching Lot Code, please bring your product in for a full refund.

King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 5 lb. UPC: 071012010509

Best Used By: Lot Code

12/04/19 L18A04A

12/05/19 L18A05A, L18A05B, L18A05C

12/09/19 L18A09B

12/10/19 L18A10A

12/13/19 L18A13B, L18A13C

12/20/19 L18A20A, L18A20B, L18A20C

12/21/19 L18A21A

12/27/19 L18A27A, L18A27B, L18A27C

12/28/19 L18A28A

01/02/20 A19A02B, A19A02C

01/03/20 A19A03A, A19A03B, A19A03C

01/05/20 A19A05A, A19A05B

01/07/20 A19A07B, A19A07C

01/08/20 A19A08B

01/09/20 A19A09B

01/10/20 A19A10B

01/12/20 A19A12A

01/14/20 A19A14A, A19A14B, A19A14C

01/15/20 A19A15A, A19A15B

Best Used By and Lot Code information can be found on the bottom of the ingredient side panel of the 5

lb. Bag. Best Used By date and Lot Code, along with their location on the bag, must all match in order to

represent flour affected by this recall.

King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 25 lb. UPC: 071012012503 Costco only

Best Used By: 12/04/19, 12/10/19, 12/20/19, 01/07/20, 01/15/20

This is an expansion of a recall announced June 13, 2019. The Lot Codes listed above join the previously voluntarily recalled Lot Codes on June 13:

Udi's Classic Hamburger Buns


Udi’s Gluten Free is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of their Classic Hamburger Buns due to the potential presence of small pieces of white plastic. The affected product is UPC 698997809135 and the Bag Closure Code is 191971U. The recalled product is sold in clear plastic bags and the UPC is located on the back of the bag in the lower right corner. The bag closure code can be found on the hard plastic enclosure for the bag. No other Udi’s products are impacted by this recall.

Bloomingfoods is issuing refunds for any possibly affected product.