August 13, 2018

Wellness Wednesday Workshops will take place in the Bloomingfoods East Patio Room from 6:00 – 7:00 pm (new time!!). These free classes are designed to allow owner-members to teach the Bloomingfoods community new skills to enhance their well-being and happiness.

Interested in offering a future class? Contact Maggie at maggie@bloomingfoods.coop

1/23 – Love Your Body, Love Your Food: Fueling for Success in Life
Good eating habits start at home. Need some inspiration to make feeding your family healthy and fun? Join registered dietitian nutritionist Jessie Wong RDN, to learn best practices for planning balanced meals, encouraging good bone health, avoiding anemia, and nurturing a positive body image. Enjoy a light meal made from nutrient-dense ingredients. This free workshop is geared towards families with children and teenagers, but open to all.

A sample 5 food group dinner will be provided for all at no charge, includes: 
– Beef Stew (protein/vegetables) 
– Lentil Soup (protein/vegetables) VEGAN
– Bread (Carb) 
– Milk (Dairy) 
– Clementine (Fruits)

Jessie Wong RDN, is a sports dietitian at IU Athletics where she works with division 1 student athletes. She is also the owner of Joy Nutrition Consulting where she supports clients as they deal with weight management, diabetes, heart health, hypertension, GI issues, and more. She will be joined by registered dietitian nutritionist Amanda Boyer RDN, the owner of The Wholehearted Dietitian, who specializes in intuitive eating and body image. 


2/13 – The Surprising Joy of the Zero Waste Kitchen Resolution with Nikki Pohl

Tired of wrestling the surplus of produce and shopping bags into storage spots and accidentally missing another rescheduled trash/recycling collection day, Nikki finally vowed in December 2011 to curb the amount of trash brought into her kitchen. But how?? Learn tricks and tools to approach a zero waste kitchen that have worked well specifically in Bloomington, hear about the unexpected side benefits of a few simple habits, and briefly discuss the materials we use for food packaging. Nikki Pohl works as a professor of chemistry at IU with interests in sustainability, automation, and carbohydrates.


3/20 – “The Wellness Lifestyle: A Chef’s Recipe for Real Life” with Chef Daniel Orr and Kelly Baute

Cooking and movement demo – stay tuned for more details!