Positive Change

Since 1976 Bloomingfoods has endeavored to be a positive force in this community; working to meet the needs of local folks, and build a healthy local economy. We believe that community-based organizations are vital to the health and wellness of this community, and we want to help them succeed!

In 2016, we introduced “Positive Change” as a community-driven fundraising campaign that offers shoppers the opportunity to round their purchase to the nearest dollar, or donate more if they wish. Bloomingfoods would like to extend our gratitude to the owner-members, shoppers, and staff who make Positive Change a success! It is so incredibly inspiring to see how small change can make such a big impact!

Since January 2016, the Positive Change program has raised a total of $145,632.24!

The program’s success has generated an enormous amount of interest, and while we would love to be able to accommodate every community organization, we have chosen to let our Bylaws be our guide, and to prioritize organizations that are aligned with our mission and vision for a healthy community:

  • “To promote and encourage interest in the local growing of food crops and to provide for the consumers of Southern Indiana locally grown, nutritious and non‑chemically produced foodstuffs.”
  • “To educate the community to the economic, social and other beneficial values inherent in organizing community services, and in offering locally produced consumer goods and foodstuffs.”
  • “To help provide low cost food and consumer services to the indigent members of the Co-op and to the local community as a whole.”

Organizations should do one or more of the following:

  • Feed the community
  • Grow food, and/or provide gardening and nutrition education
  • Support local growers
  • Create community projects that focus on food
  • Focus on the food system, and policies that shape our food system

Amounts raised in 2017:

January – Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market – $5087.43
February – Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington – $5705.43
March – Bloomington Meals on Wheels – $8691.84
April – Community Kitchen of Monroe County – $8696.31
May –  Hoosier Hills Food Bank – $8446.01
June – Sycamore Land Trust – $8124.99
July – Area 10 Agency on Aging – $6529.51
August – Bloomington Community Orchard – $7495.01
September – Interfaith Winter Shelter – $9920.38
October – Bloomingfoods Cooperative Community Fund – $8353.33
November – Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard – $9891.12
December – Shalom Community Center – $8858.76

The 2018 Positive Change recipient calendar:

$8,160.37 – January – Area 10 Agency on Aging – More than a Meal programs: The Agency not only provides a home meal delivery program, they also operate a mobile food pantry. The Agency’s most current project is the Area 10 Garden, which is an extension of the home-delivered meal and food pantry programs.  “We plant raised beds for accessibility, volunteer planning and nurturing through partnerships with the garden club and Edgewood Primary School students.  The seasonal produce from the garden will augment our home deliveries and provide much needed organic, healthful options for our home-bound citizens!”

$7,632.47 – February – Sycamore Land Trust: “Sycamore Land Trust protects and restores the beautiful natural heritage of southern Indiana. Our nature preserves offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and environmental education.” As of January 2016, we have protected more than 90 properties totaling nearly 9,000 acres, and 607.43 of these acres are active farmland. “Family farms (the Capriole Farm, for example) are some of the most special land we can protect, because they are so important to Indiana’s heritage as well as its future.”

$9141.37 – March – Bloomington Meals on Wheels: “Founded in 1973, our program provides nutritious meals to homebound people who are unable to cook for themselves. We ensure that our clients receive two good meals a day delivered by a friendly visitor.”

For the remainder of 2018, Bloomingfoods will use our Positive Change program to Round Up for Bloomingfoods in an effort to build up our cash reserves and continue to serve our community. Round up to the nearest dollar or contribute a little more if you like! Previously-scheduled agencies have been postponed until 2019. 

Be sure to check out our fundraising bulletin boards at the East & Near West stores to follow our progress. Click here to read more about our current financial situation.