Run for The Board!

April 21, 2016

bloomingfoodsWe founded a co-op and created a community! Okay, I stole that line from the IU Credit Union, with a slight change. It’s a good line and I hope you feel it applies to Bloomingfoods. However, our community is going through a challenging time. Your board of directors is committed to bringing the co-op through this time successfully. But as with any community we cannot do it alone. We need your help.

What can you do? Consider running for the board.

Last year the board proposed and the members approved increasing the board to 9 members, which meant 5 new board members would be elected this year. This fall we will be electing five new board members (three 3 year terms, one 2 year term and one 1 year term). If running for the board is not right for you, consider serving on a board committee. The Member Linkage Committee has been very active for over a year and the board is looking at creating other committees (information about committees can be found on the Bloomingfoods website in the Own It tab under Board News). Attend a board meeting or one of our quarterly member-owner forums to learn more about what we are doing and to share your thoughts with us.

Share your thoughts with the board through the board email ( Attend the 40th anniversary celebration this summer – yes, the co-op was officially incorporated on July 23, 1976! And last, but most certainly not least, shop at the co-op!